Physical exercise and nutrition

Undoubtedly, our way of life and daily routine affect both female and male fertility greatly. Especially nowadays, in times of stress, insecurity and busy lifestyle, balanced diet and physical health are of primary importance.

Nutrition is an essential factor in the creation of a healthy environment in which a pregnancy will take place. A rich and balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables helps pregnancy to progress normally. In particular, folic acid contained in green vegetables has been proved to reduce the possibility of neuropathic diseases in neonates.

On the other hand, malnutrition leading to either being overweight or underweight usually causes abnormalities in a woman’s menstrual cycle. All it takes in order for somebody to understand the effect that weight has on fertility, is to consider the fact that according to several studies, ovaries of overweight women who went on a diet and lost 10% of their weight, had a better reaction to hormone supplements.

Clearly, smoking and drugs also have a negative effect on ovulation and the quality and quantity of sperm. Additionally, environmental toxins, soluble waste, exposure to high temperatures and specific medicine hinder a couple’s efforts to have a baby.

As to whether physical exercise boosts fertility, studies have shown that men who do not lead a sedentary life and do moderate physical activity, have a higher concentration of sperm. Likewise, women who take moderate exercise (cycling, walking, or gardening) can conceive more easily.

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