Single Port Laparoscopy

Laparoscopic surgery advances and treats the gravest gynaecological conditions effectively without pain and surgical incisions. The revolutionary method of Single Port Laparoscopy (S.P.L.) is nowadays performed in Greece too, in order to treat fibroids and endometriosis, and to remove cysts. The benefits of this new technique are many and important:

  • minor risks during surgery
  • short recovery time
  • lower cost
  • excellent aesthetic results
  • lack of pain

To be exact, traditional laparoscopy requires 3-5 very small incisions in the abdominal area which as a result, leave two to four permanent scars. In S.P.L. the surgeon operates through a natural entry point, the patient’s navel, where a special catheter is placed through a small incision of 2.5-3 cm. The surgeon then inserts the necessary cameras and instruments.

Until recently laparoscopic surgery was accompanied by postoperative pain, which was treated with painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines. Nowadays, this new method minimises pain and most patients are discharged on the same day without even feeling that they have been operated on!

The S.P.L. technique is intended for all those patients who can undergo laparoscopic surgery. Over the last years, the technique has been successfully used to perform a great number of operations, such as myomectomy, ovarian cysts removal, hysterectomy, etc. However, patients who have already undergone abdominal surgery and obese patients are excluded from this procedure.

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